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Mushroom production has not just economic but also social benefits. Below is a summary of some of these:


  • Mushroom cultivation is a demonstrably important source of income and a driving force for development.

Food Safety

  • Consuming mushrooms means obtaining a quality source of protein, within a type of foodstuff that usually is protein-deficient.


  • Mushroom cultivation is eminently ‘social’ as it creates many jobs.


  • Cultivating mushrooms recycles and recovers organic waste and sub-products, solving the environmental problem of waste production caused by agricultural, livestock and industrial activities.


  • We favour the training and abilities of people and organisations in the recipient countries through initiatives that comprise knowledge exchange, technology transfer and management improvement as a means to eradicate poverty and generate new development opportunities, making the most of the cultural heritage of the local communities.

Energy efficiency

  • One of the main benefits of our knowhow is the construction of self-sufficient plants using renewable energies which reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and improve the energy efficiency of mushroom cultivation.


  • Our projects are noticeably gender focused, as the role of women in mushroom cultivation is traditionally predominant throughout all production stages.