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Our mycological biotechnology team has over two decades experience in the sector, having worked and consulted for major companies in La Rioja and the rest of Spain.

Equally, they have consulted internationally in their field and participated in mushroom research projects, in addition to permanently collaborating with the Mushroom Technological Centre (CTC) in La Rioja.

Our experience and knowledge of the sector is tied to a number of factors:

  • 95% of cultivated Spanish mushroom production occurs in two regions: La Rioja and Castile La Mancha.
  • Spain is the leading producer of the Pleurotus mushroom – one of the most coveted.
  • We are the fourth largest European producer of mushrooms: for every 100 kg produced around the world, 1.4 kg comes from our region.
We have the experience and the knowledge you need. Mushroom’s Value is a strategic ally in the cultivation of mushrooms anywhere in the world.