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Energy generation

The aim in the sizing of our projects is to use the energy in the place it is produced, making the mushroom production process self-sufficient in energy terms.

All of the solutions are oriented towards saving, generating and managing energy, making the process sustainable in accordance with the specific needs of the customer.

The benefits from this type of installation are:

  • Greater energy efficiency in the process – through curbing transport expenses and losses as the energy is produced near where it is consumed.
  • Reduction in use of fossil fuels and external energy dependence.
  • Increase in competitiveness for the bodies and companies involved.

In short, the ‘sustainable energy’ that we implement in the projects on which we consult is the energy that will be produced and used to support human development socially, economically and ecologically in the long term.

Electricity (lighting, ventilation, control systems, etc.), heating (mulching, pasteurisation, sterilization), cooling (seeding and maintenance of mycelium) and the right degree of humidity and ventilation (particularly in cultivation) are required both in the preparation of the substrate and in the cultivation of the mushrooms.

There are many current technologies that could be applied depending on the location; these and our knowledge are adapted to each situation, covering the energy needs for the mushroom production process to achieve a net energy balance. In general, electric and thermal production systems are proposed as these are the areas which require greatest energy consumption:

1. Electricity production

  • Photo-voltaic
  • Mini-wind farm
  • Cogeneration

2. Heating and cooling

  • Geothermal
  • Solar Thermal Energy
  • Biomass
  • Cogeneration and Trigeneration Systems (CHP).

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