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Education and training

Education and training area

We consider it essential to educate and train the whole working team, both staff in general as well as managers, technical directors and those in charge of companies involved in the business model.

Our objective is to continuously update their knowledge, thanks to our daily contact with the practical reality of production and our intensive research and development and technology monitoring work.

Our team has extensive experience in the organization and delivery of symposiums, conferences, sessions, seminars, specialized courses and all kinds of training events in the field of cultivated mushrooms.

Training methods

This service provides “on-demand training” tailored to the needs and socio-economic environment of each individual project. Several options are available:

  • Courses: these may be custom tailored to specific client needs or general introductory courses for beginners or specialized courses for those with more experience.
  • On site training at the client’s premises, with a highly practical approach.
  • Seminars and Sessions on specific topics as requested by clients
  • Technology fact-finding tours and guided visits. They can be arranged for groupsto visit different types of facilities such as compost yard, cultivation, spawn laboratory, marketing, etc., in order to provide support for education and training.

  • Ongoing training for the whole working team makes it possible for the company to achieve improved efficiency and competitiveness.
  • We offer clients the ability to keep up to date with new technologies and processes through our Technology Monitoring work.
  • The technology fact-finding visits help get to know different working methods and types of facilities and promote the exchange of ideas and opinions while facilitating contact with other companies in the industry.